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Notice to Customers Who Have or Plan to Install Lawn Irrigation

Installation of a lawn irrigation system is required to have a backflow assembly installed per Rhode Island General Laws Title 46 Chapter 46-13 Public Drinking Water Protection. The backflow assembly must be tested annually by an approved, licensed tester and results submitted to the NTFD office. Annual test must be done and submitted at the time of spring seasonal start-up. Click link for full details.

Flyer describing backflow hardware for irrigation system installations.
Flyer describing backflow hardware for irrigation system installations.

What Are Fire District Taxes For?

North Tiverton Fire District is a quasi-municipal agency established in 1927, independent from the Town of Tiverton, by State of Rhode Island legislation. NTFD is chartered to provide drinking-quality water for residential and commercial use, as well as water for firefighting purposes. NTFD is empowered to tax.

District taxes are used to pay for the maintenance and upgrade of the water treatment system (3 pumping stations, etc.) and the distribution system (48 miles of water main, 2 water tanks, street valves, etc.), as well as over 400 fire hydrants. NTFD has replaced or cleaned and relined more than 4 miles of water main since 2010. Taxes are also used to make payments on bonds for major capital improvement projects with the United States Department of Agriculture and the Rhode Island Clean Water Finance Agency. The Fish Road Water Main Replacement Project was the last financed project, completed in 2015.

Taxes are based upon assessed building and land value, as recorded with the Town of Tiverton Tax Assessor, taking into account any Elderly or Veteran exemptions. Assessed tax on commercial property is also based upon tangible assets.

The criteria for assessed taxes are as follows: water is available for service and a fire hydrant is located within 500 feet of the property line. No allowance is made for property with a well as district water is available for use and for firefighting purposes.

North Tiverton Fire District
October 2020

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