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Water Meter Radio Frequency (RF) Transmission Device Opt-Out Form – North Tiverton Fire District (NTFD) is committed to utilizing technologies that result in cost savings to its customers. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) meters benefit customers and the company by transmitting accurate meter readings, eliminates the need for entering homes to perform manual readings and automates the download of billing data into NTFD billing database. The AMR technology reduces the chance of human error in transcription of meter readings. To accomplish this, NTFD installs an Itron 60 series Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter to a digital water meter. This transmitter is not a data storage device, and only transmits the water meter reading during a reading by our technicians. AMR reading are taken from the street by NTFD technicians utilizing hand held computers. Customer meter readings are currently performed once every three months. – Approved 6 February 2017, NTFD Water Board (Download form above for full details.)